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Click on the links below to listen to what our clients say about us!

This was left on Mike's cell phone by Wendy Goff.  She moved from Las Vegas, NV to Dirby, CT... Thank you Wendy for your wonderful words

 This one was left on the office voicemail by Cathline Kindle. Her move was a local move in Las Vegas, NV... Thank you Cathline for your wonderful words.

This was left on Mike's cell phone by Lewis Perlin. He was a local move in Las Vegas that we were late on arrival. Thank you Lewis for your wonderful words


“Thanks for a job well done”

Adam, Owner, Anytime Locksmith

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 217-7477


“A move done with confidence”

John Berry, Lapidary

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 596-0398


“Thanks for all the help”

Abby Sabb, Realtor

Henderson, NV

(702) 227-1900


“Thanks for the stress free move”

Sandy Reynolds, Department Manager, J C Penny’s

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 466-7272


“Great job! Thanks for helping me move mom.”

Rulon Huntsman, Attorney at Law

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 641-8852

This was left on Mike's' cell phone by Lenny, Division Director, OCS Specialist Projects  We consolidated several locations into one new location for them. Thank you Lenny for your wonderful words

This one was left on the office voicemail by Brenda Chester. Her move was a long-distance move from Las Vegas, NV to Las Angeles, CA... Thank you Brenda for your wonderful words.















Jen Gremolte 

Fast move and careful with the furniture.  Overall great job, would recommend

Lori Thompson

The movers were very courteous and quick.  We will be calling on then for any of our moves.

John Cloud

Great Job!  Very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Valley High School

Fellows worked 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM with only ½ hour lunch.  Thank you.

Karen Ritter

Great Job, very professional and timely.

Angelique Blake

Got job done in a timely fashion.  They all knew what they were doing.

Kate Webster

They did a great job, quick and professional

Vinny Yaldo

Excellent and clean work!  Very efficient!

David Kairis

Thank you so much for the move.  Your team was quick and efficient and made my life less stressful.  I will recommend you to any body I meet who needs moving service.  The packing was great and not one item was broken upon arrival in Vail.  The attitude you all brought to the job was great and allowed for a fun environment. Thank You again for everything

Jo Ann Carr

All work was explained well

Adam Jackson

Job well done

Sharronika Cherry

First pick-up to storage; add second pick-up to shipment.  Thank you.

Bachar Aibokai

Great Job from both movers.  I would have them back next time.

Ronda Flannigan

Unload in storage.  Thank you

Al Catlin

Great guys!  They did a great job!

Mary Veroni

Good job.

Roy Lee Ray

Person who booked job failed to explain extra cost, however movers were awesome, though!

Abby Bigorna

Two movers were very professional and efficient.  I would hire and recommend them again.  You should give these guys a raise!  A+ + + Service.


No Lunch taken; Great Staff; Good Crew!

Inga Koehler

Great Job; Friendly, Mindful, Fast & Efficient!

Mike Grill

Guys were very professional & took care of our things.  I will use your services again if needed.

Anita Lilly

These two movers were “Absolutely” “FABULOUS”.  I’ve never seen anything like it & I have moved a lot.

Richard Feller

Guys were Awesome!  Will recommend to anyone!

Beth Kotormon

I’m very happy with the move.  They were very courteous & professional.

Steven Wright

Very professional.  Both movers were on time as scheduled and willing to work with customers

Jules Smith

Nice Job!

Karen Lannin

Great Work!

Joe Wright

The morning crew was great! Worked fast and efficient. Def going to recommend to anyone moving!

Cathy McPhee

Good job.

Betty Kush

Best movers ever. Thanks for the best move.

Karl Zauder

The guys were assume! Helpful and polite… Will use again.

Linda Marlela

Outstanding job!

Jennifer Stiarf

Good job. No complaints.

Kerry Burndace

Good job and they didn’t even complain about my couch. Thanks soooo much!

Galskill Maddie

Perfect ! !

Robert Haight

Great job well done on time

Gerald Crum

Good job, fast, clean, and efficient

Ursula Nussbaum

Good job, thanks

Matt Gerbracht

Your guys were great. Will definitely refer your company.

Ida Kian

Everything was very good. Thank you.

Guillermina Vazquez

Very pleasant & polite crew. Very efficient

Sandra Kassos

Very congenial. Good job!

Chris Felquay

They did a great job! Really nice guys who were really hard workers. I would certainly use them again. Thanks

Shawn Roach

Good quality work. Took care of our stuff.

Dave Cavanaugh

Thank you so very much IC Movers. You guys were a big help, had a winning personality, and got the job finisher in under the estimated time. I will be contacting you with any future business.

Allison L. Thompson

Wow, they did a excellent job, the guys moved fast and skillful. Did not break anything and quote was right on the money. Will recommend to all friends & family

Chris Dodson

Did great job!

Mike Smart

For long distance movers I’ve never seen packing like this before. Roy & Jonnie & Claxton did a phenomenal job!!!

Peter Stevens

Movers were very careful & attentive. I was very glad we chose this company over in other movers. Thank you! ☺

Brian Ready


Gavin Romzek

Nice job

James Chanthaphonh

No problems

Rex Walker

Group worked fast! Were thoughtful helpful. Great crew. Thanks for your great help.

Chris Tousey

Both employees were polite hard working. You will have my recommendation and business in the future.

Scott Hines

Great job. Would use services again and would recommend to others. Thank you.

Angela Lathan

Everything was great. See you when you bring me a wheel.

Scott Thrasher

Great job. Would recommend you!

Erica Frampton

Pick-up – Everyone was incredible!!! I was very impressed that even after driving all nigh everyone had a smile on their face! I really appreciate all your help… it makes moving less painful!

Greg Halbrook

Could not have asked for nicer guy to help. Both very hard workers. I will recommend your company to friends.

Paul Racana

All good. Guys were great!

Carl Perez

Great job!

Robert Nurris

Great job!

Larry Lewis

Pick-up. –fellow did a very good job, overall timing was very good, no other comment

Elisia Sheldon

Very efficient and polite. Everything moved in a timely manor.

Rosalynn Johnson

They did a wonderful job! They set up my master bedroom w/ no problems. Thanks!

Whitney Johnson

The movers were very efficient with the move and careful with my stuff. They did an excellent job & I would use them again as well as recommend then to future customers.

Ginger Coffin

Very pleased with work & workers

Mark Gettman

Excellent service – The care in moving the antique furniture was great. I would definitely use these guys again

Shantelle Williams

Carlo and Justin excellent help

Wayne Miranda

Did excellent job! Will use company again.

Michael Newman

They were on time, explained the process. Very knowledgeable & professional. They were excellent & pleasant. Would definitely use them again in the future

Russ Morris

Best movers ever! Thank you so much for taking care of my family’s processions. We will highly recommend you anytime and will always use you again.

Stacie Tucker

Great job, wonderful, will recommend. Thanks allot

Michelle Smith

My movers were friendly

Richard Bovino

Don’t yell at them! Good job. Thanks

Jimmy Fisher

On time, easy to work with!

Betty Kush

Best move ever! Thanks for the best move.

Karl Zavder

The guys were awesome! Helpful, polite and will use again.

Linda Manlela

Outstanding job!

Kerry Burndace

Good job! And they didn’t even complain about my couch! Thanks so much!

Maddie Galskill


Robert Haight

Great job! Well done, and on time!


Good Job! Fast, clean, and efficient.

Ursula Nussbaum

Good Job! Thanks!

Matt Gerbracht

Your guys were great! Will definitely refer your company!

Ida Kiar

Everything was very good! Thank you.

Guillermia Vazquez-Lopez

Very pleasant and polite crew. Very efficient.

Sandra Kassos

Very good job!

Kim & Chris Felquay

They did a great job! Really nice guys who were really hard workers. I would certainly use them again. Thanks!

Cathy McPhee

Good job!

Jules Smith

Nice job!

Karen Lannin

Great work!

Joe Wright

The moving crew was great! Worked fast and efficient. Definitely going to recommend to anyone moving!

Steve Lee

Very nice guys! Cleaned up and made sure I was happy!

Reich Mant

These guys were excellent!

Jane Anderson

Great Job!

Kimberly Coons

Alberto and Tyler were very professional, kind, and respectful. Showed up on time which is rare in Vegas, but very much appreciated. If I am ever in need of I.C. Movers in the future I will be requesting them personally.

Aezza Vaghefi

Perfect Job! Thanks a lot.

Ron Yee

Great Job! Very courteous and nice. Everything got delivered in tact. Thanks.

Aztect Engineering

Satisfactory move.


These guys were the bomb! Couldn’t ask for better help! Thank you so much!

Russ Walker

Great job! Good to work with and gives good advice!

Lisa Wilbek

Good job! Thanks. Will call again if moving again!

Jonathan Maneri

Very professional, job well done.

Tower Realty & Development

Great job! Took care of all items.

Dave Weber

The movers were very fast and careful with our things. Thank you for the hard work!

Paul Leasarez

Great job! Thanks!


We loved them. Very nice!

Betty Salerno

Everyone was right on time and very efficient.

Letosve Garcia

Good job!


Great job!

Zana Hanks

These guys are incredible! Thanks!

Rachel Westphal

The men that moved me were wonderful. I will recommend the company to others.

Linda Blake

Excellent job! On time, very professional.

Dominic Cipaino

Great service!

Carla Hanks

These guys are great workers and very pleasant to be around.


Fast service. Will be using again.

Jona Marcorano

Did a great job! Thank you!


Everything was good. They were very professional. Good work. Thank you.

Jeaninne Farrel

This team was awesome! They came in and started right away; they were very respectful and polite. I have friends in Las Vegas and will recommend you guys every time.

Tommy Jamison

Excellent job!

Mark Levine

Very professional, courteous and attentive.

Abby Levine

Excellent job. Would recommend to friends in Las Vegas.

Carol & Lech Czerwinski

Excellent and pleasant movers! Very quick and had our house complete within just a few hours. Very polite as well – will recommend to friends! Thanks for making a huge chore a little easier for us.

Amelia Demirovic

You guys were very nice, fast, and easy. You guys get the job done. Thank you!

Carla Hanks

Thanks! Very good help!

Cherrell Tarantino

You guys were amazingly polite, and efficient; took great care of my items, were careful with my house, and courteous to my family. Definitely a great experience, top to bottom!

Allen Gibson

Great work! Fast, and efficient.

Mike Salzmon

These guys were great! Excellent service.

Brett Theisen

Great job! Really appreciate all your hard work.

Melissa Sparn

Good job!

Mark Furey

Michael and his crew did an outstanding job picking up our household goods. They are all very knowledgeable & courteous, and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

Fabiola Palomea

Awesome job! Great job!


Good job!

Robert Walker

Very efficient and fast on the job. Obviously professional quality.

Cindy Cravens

Excellent furniture care, on time, efficient, and courteous. Thanks for everything!

Karen Dimiao

You guys did a great job! Very protective of furniture, & and they were extremely polite.

Steve Tesoro

Good job!

Brian Lewis

These guys were great!

Michelle Dunlap

Excellent service, on time, great. Would use again if I ever moved again.

Ron Yee

Great job!

Deb Groavty

Awesome job!

Rebecca Blanchard

Men were very accommodating.

US Attorney

Excellent workers.

Laura Griggs

Great job!

Jamie McDanile

Very helpful and hard workers.

Julia Onho

Excellent workers. Nice men. Thank you!

Heather Ryan


Christine Cao

Shawn & Steve were very professional, courteous and did an outstanding job! Thanks!

Terry Lippert

Hottest days of the year, with Shawn, Steve, Greg, & Eddie being great workers! Courteous, & considerate of our home and belongings. Greg is a fast & efficient “wrapper” and all the guys were very hard working. We appreciate their work ethics.

Carl Perez

Great job!

Pat Skerry

They were great!

Chet Bushrell

Great work!

Richard Hart

Awesome job! Most highly recommended!

Catherine Kindle


Polina Afshari

Very courteous and professional, I will recommend these polite gentlemen to all my employees.

Holly Sunshine

Very helpful, great crew!


Excellent service!

Brad Williams

Thank you for the great job! The guys made my move so much easier! Thanks again!

McCarthy Valley H.S.

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Blay

Thank you! Great job!

Robert Frigo

They worked very quickly and efficiently, and were respectful of my property. Thanks!

Robert Hughes

All went well, and we would recommend this service to all.

Carla Hanks

Excellent job!

Mark Vanhoosel

Great guys. They were on time, worked hard, and did it smart.

Katie Davis

Thank you! Everything was smooth. Great work. Would recommend their services, and will call again if they are needed. Thanks!

Wallace Lethan

The guys did exactly what we wanted them too. Thanks!

Dennis Crandell

The guys did a great job! Very friendly, and would recommend them to all. Thanks guys, great job!

Myrtle Sipple

Good job! They were well prepared, worked smart and  very hard.

Roy Cammack

Awesome and great job! Really nice guys, would use this service again.

Sandra Eslinger

No problems, awesome job!

Roy Cammack

Great work, love these guys! They’re the best!























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